AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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The Software folder is divided into subfolders by chapter. Not all chapters have software, so subfolders appear only for the chapters that have software. This makes it easy for you to find software by function. For example, you can find software for text objects by looking in the Chapter 13 subfolder because Chapter 13 covers text.

Table C-1 at the end of this appendix lists the software alphabetically so that you can review it at a glance. Within each chapter’s subfolder, you’ll find subfolders for each program or AutoLISP routine.


New ‘    I am very excited to be able to include a trial version of AutoCAD 2002 with this

Feature    book. Although the trial time is only 15 days, it should help many readers get their

feet wet and start the process of learning AutoCAD. This trial version is in the SoftwareAutoCAD Trial folder. Run Setup.EXE to install.

To find out in detail what each software program or AutoLISP routine does, read the text (.txt) file if there is one. It provides details about what the software does and how to install it. Sometimes details are at the beginning of the .lsp file. You can open and read it.

Most of the software on the CD-ROM is freeware—you can use it at no cost. Most of these are AutoLISP routines. However, some of it is shareware. Here’s the scoop on shareware—you try it out and if you like it, you buy it. It works on the honor system, so please be honorable and pay for the shareware you use. All shareware comes with a text file that explains how much to pay for it, what you get when you register, and where to send your payment. Often, you get additional features when you register.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»