AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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A few files have other names, such as sky.gif and others. In each case, I give you the name of the file to open. You can easily find them with Explorer, because Explorer automatically alphabetizes the files. (If they are not alphabetized, click the Name column of the right-hand window. If Explorer alphabetizes them in reverse order, click Name one more time.)

The CD-ROM contains five other folders: Results, Book PDF, Reader, Links, and Software.

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In This Appendix

Using the CD-ROM

How the CD-ROM is structured

A list of software

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Changing the Windows read-only attribute

You can use the exercise drawings directly from the CD-ROM, but you might get better results by copying them to your hard drive. In most cases, the exercises instruct you to do this.

To use the software from the CD-ROM, you should copy the files to a folder in AutoCAD’s Support File Search Path.

You might run initially into the problem of not being able to access files on the CD-ROM after you copy the files to your computer. After you copy or move a file from the CD to your hard disk or another storage medium (such as a Zip drive), you may get the following error message when you attempt to open a file with its associated application:

[Application] is unable to open the [file].

Please make sure the drive and file are writable.

Windows sees all files on a CD-ROM drive as «read-only.» This makes sense normally because a CD-ROM is a read-only medium — that is, you can’t write data back to the disc. However, when you copy a file from a CD-ROM to your hard disk or to a Zip drive, Windows doesn’t automatically change the file attribute from read-only to writable. Installation software normally takes care of this chore for you, but in the case in which the files are to be manually copied to your disk, you have to change the file attribute yourself. Luckily, this is easy:

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»