AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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♦    Determine whether AutoLISP loads acad.lsp into every drawing you open. By default, this box is not checked, meaning that only acaddoc.lsp is loaded into every drawing.

♦    Disable long names for layers, dimension styles, blocks, linetypes, text styles, layouts, UCS names, views, and viewport configurations, for compatibility with prior releases.

♦    Get rid of AutoCAD Today and even the Startup dialog box. In the Live Enabler Options section, you can decide when you want to check Point A for object enablers. Object enablers let the user display and use custom objects in AutoCAD drawings even when the application that created them is unavailable. For example, if you send a customer using Release 2000 a drawing with the new associative dimensions, that customer can use an object enabler to view those dimensions.

The User Preferences tab

The User Preferences tab, shown in Figure A-7, offers a variety of preference settings.

In the Windows Standard Behavior section, you can disable the Windows standard keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C for the COPYCLIP command. When this item is disabled, Ctrl+C, for example, would revert to earlier-release AutoCAD usage and be equivalent to pressing the Esc key. You can also disable the shortcut menus that appear when you right-click in the drawing or command areas. Then you can right-click as an equivalent to pressing Enter. Choose Right-Click Customization to open the dialog box shown in Figure A-8.

Figure A-7: The User Preferences tab

In the Default Mode section, you can choose Repeat Last Command to return to the Release 14 functioning of the right mouse button. In the Edit Mode section, you can choose Repeat Last Command to disable the shortcut menus only when one or more objects are selected but no command is in progress. When you do this, rightclicking automatically repeats the most recent command. If you often select objects before choosing a command, this setting may be useful while not disabling the shortcut menus entirely.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»