AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Once you end object selection, you are returned to Visual LISP where you see the Inspect dialog box. Select the name of the entity and, while the cursor is over the selected text, right-click. Choose Inspect to see information about the object. Figure 35-6 shows information about an arc.

Figure 35-6: Getting information about a drawing object from Visual LISP

Not all these group codes are present in the line you drew. For instance, group 62 (color) is absent in the list returned by AutoLISP. Every time you draw a line, you do not explicitly set its color. As a result, it defaults to the current color. In the same way, AutoLISP does not explicitly set every attribute of every group. In this case, the color is ByLayer and the current layer is 0. AutoLISP returned (8. «0») in the preceding list to signify the line is on layer 0.

There are many other group codes than the ones listed in Table 35-2, and they can be found in the Visual LISP Help system. From Visual LISP, choose Help О Visual LISP Help Topics. From the Contents tab, double-click DXF Reference. (Because the group codes are also used for DXF files, they are found in the DXF Reference.) Double-click ENTITIES Section. You can then either choose Common Group Codes for Entities or choose the specific entity you want to look up. In many cases, one group code can have different meanings depending on the entity in which it appears. For example, in the list representing the line you drew, group 10 is represented by (10 3.0 3.0 0.0), which means the start point of the line is at X=3.0, Y=3.0, Z=0.0. If group 0 were a circle instead, the coordinates of group 10 would specify the center point of the circle.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»