AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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(setq name «Robin»)


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In This Chapter

Creating variables and functions

Working with AutoCAD commands and system variables

Working with lists

Setting conditions and creating loops

Managing drawing objects

Getting input from the user

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You can also nest AutoLISP expressions — place one inside the other.

(setq radius (+ 2 1))


As explained in the previous chapter, AutoLISP evaluates LISP expressions from the innermost set of parentheses outward. AutoLISP evaluates (+ 2 1) first, and then assigns the result to the variable radius.

Step-by-Step: Using AutoLISP Variables from within AutoCAD

1.    Open a drawing using the Start from Scratch option.

2.    Type (setq radius (+ 2 1)) J. AutoLISP returns 3.

3.    Start the CIRCLE command. Specify any center point. At the Specify radius of circle or [Diameter]: prompt, type !radiusJ. AutoCAD draws a circle with a radius of 3 units.

4.    Type (setq color “green”) J. AutoLISP returns «green».

5.    Type -color J. At the Enter default object color <BYLAYER>: prompt, type !color J.

6.    Draw a circle. The circle is green because the current color is now green.

7.    Save your drawing in your AutoCAD Bible folder as ab35-1.dwg.

Working with AutoCAD Commands

Accessing AutoCAD commands from within AutoLISP is a powerful way to automate commonly used functions. By combining access to commands from AutoLISP with variables as described in the previous section, you gain a great deal of flexibility.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»