AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Cross-    You can create your own AutoCAD configuration that helps ensure that changes

Reference^    y0(J    wj|| not affect others. Instructions for doing this appear in Appendix A

under the heading «Creating Multiple Configurations.»

The exercises in the AutoCAD 2002 Bible have been carefully checked by a technical editor to ensure accuracy. However, we cannot anticipate all situations, either due

to varying hardware/software configurations or customization within AutoCAD. If you have a problem with an exercise, contact me at the e-mail address listed at the end of this Preface so I can correct the problem in the book’s next edition.

Conventions Used in This Book

Given all the ways in which you can execute a command in AutoCAD, you’ll find it useful to read through this section, which describes this book’s typographical conventions. You will find this section helpful for doing the Step-by-Step exercises as well.

AutoCAD commands

AutoCAD uses standard Windows conventions for menus and toolbars. To indicate that you should choose a command from the menu, for example, I say, “Choose View О Viewports,” which means that you should click the View menu with your mouse or puck/stylus and then click the Viewports menu item. Some of AutoCAD’s toolbar buttons have flyouts, which are equivalent to submenus. They are called flyouts because they fly out when you click and hold the button on the main toolbar, displaying even more buttons. Therefore, to indicate which button to choose, I may need to tell you to choose (or click) Zoom Extents from the Zoom flyout of the Standard toolbar. Although I haven’t found a good alternative, this is not completely satisfactory for two reasons. First, it’s a mouthful! Second, the flyout names do not appear, making it hard to know which is the Zoom flyout. However, you can check Appendix D, which is on the CD-ROM. It shows each toolbar and flyout along with its name. Also, in most cases it will be obvious which flyout I’m talking about.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»