AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Reference^ 0f ^ parts 0f Aut0|jsp expression. All the functions used in this expression are explained in those two chapters.

For example, to create an object menu that appears when one or more circles are selected, create an object menu named OBJECTS_circle. Look at acad.mns for examples to help you create your own menus. Here you see ***POP509, which is the hatch object menu:



[Context menu for HATCH object] ID_Hatchedit [&Hatch Edit…]ACAC_hatchedit

Figure 33-10 shows how this menu appears when you select a hatch object. As you can see, the menu adds only one item, which executes the HATCHEDIT command.

Figure 33-10: The hatch object shortcut menu

Command menus

The Command mode shortcut menu appears when you right-click in the drawing area while a command is active. You can create command menus that are specific to a command. The contents of the menu are appended to the Command mode shortcut menu so that the result is a menu that contains the Command mode shortcut menu plus any additional commands that you have added for that command. AutoCAD does not come with any existing command menus. To create a command menu, you must name the menu COMMAND_commandname, where commandname is any valid AutoCAD command, including any custom or third-party commands. Once you have named the menu, you can add commands to it that you would like to have available in the middle of the command just by right-clicking. Here are a couple of possibilities:

♦    For the LINE command, you might want to add the PLINE command to the shortcut menu, so you can change your mind mid-command and create a polyline instead of a line. Of course, you can execute the PLINE command with one pick from the Draw toolbar, but the shortcut menu is closer.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»