AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Similar to pressing Enter, except when entering text that contains spaces (such as between words). Use between the command and its options. Note that you can use a space even on the command line for most commands.

Pauses for user input, such as picking a point or typing a value.


Used at the end of a line to continue the macro on the next line.


Placed at the beginning of a macro (before the лслс), repeats the macro until you end it by pressing Esc or choosing another menu item.


Turns on and off (toggles) the display of the menu macro, including menu prompts, on the command line.

Note    Because the backslash pauses for user input, you cannot use it to specify a path, as

in C:Program FilesAutoCAD 2002Support. Use the regular slash (/) instead.

Here is one line from AutoCAD’s Draw pull-down menu that uses the backslash and the space:

ID_ArcStCeAn [S&tart, Center, Angle]ACAC_arc _c _a Here’s how this command works:

ACAC    Cancels any previous command.

_arc    Starts the ARC command, enabling translation to another lan

guage version of AutoCAD.

Space    Equivalent to pressing the spacebar, which acts like pressing

Enter after typing arc on the command line. AutoCAD displays

the Specify start point of arc or [CEnter]: prompt.

   The backslash lets you specify a start point.

_c    Chooses the Center option, enabling translation to another

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»