AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Of course, if you make a mistake, you have backed up your .mnu, .mns, and, .mnc menu files, so you can simply copy them back over the ones on your hard disk.

Loading or unloading a partial menu

To load a partial menu, choose Tools О Customize О Menus to start the MENULOAD command. AutoCAD opens the Menu Customization dialog box, as shown in Figure 33-2.

Figure 33-2: The Menu Customization dialog box

Use the Menu Groups tab to load and unload partial menus. Every menu, both complete and partial, has a menu group name. The menu group name of the menu that AutoCAD comes with is ACAD. When you create your own menus, you give them a menu group name, often (but not necessarily) the name of the file. For example, the files for the ACAD menu group are acad.mnu, acad.mns, acad.mnc, and so on.

Note You can load a full menu in the Menu Customization dialog box by checking the Replace all checkbox. However, if you want to load a partial menu only, be sure that this box is not checked. To unload a loaded partial menu, choose the menu you want and click Unload. To load a partial menu, type the name of the file in the File Name text box or choose Browse to locate the file. Then click Load. AutoCAD immediately loads the menu. If you modify a menu, you must unload it first and then reload it.

Use the Menu Bar tab, as shown in Figure 33-3, to display, hide, or reorder pulldown menus. First choose the menu group you want in the Menu Group drop-down list. The Menus box on the left lists all the available pull-down menus. The Menu Bar list on the right displays the current order of the menu bar, from left to right.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»