AutoCAD 2002 Bible

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Loading a full menu unloads any partial menus that you might have loaded.

When you load AutoCAD, the last menu you used, which is stored in the Windows registry, is loaded. AutoCAD does not reload menus between drawings. If you want to use a new menu while in AutoCAD, you must load it.

When you load an .mnu file, AutoCAD warns you that loading the file will overwrite any changes you have made to your toolbars. To avoid this problem, either customize the .mns menu file or follow the procedure explained here.

If you have customized a menu using the .mnu file, here’s how you save the changes you have made to your toolbars while you are customizing a menu:

1.    Make the changes to the toolbars.

2.    Open the .mns file of the menu you are using. You can use WordPad to do this.

3.    Select the entire toolbar section. It starts with ***TOOLBARS. Copy it to the clipboard.

4.    Close the .mns file.

5.    Open the .mnu file of the same menu. (It has the same file name.)

6.    Select the entire toolbar section.

7.    Choose Paste from the Standard toolbar. WordPad (or your text editor) replaces the entire toolbar section with the new one from the .mns file.

8.    Save the .mnu file and close it.

Now your customized toolbars are incorporated into your template .mnu menu file. You can customize this file as much as you like and ignore any messages about overwriting your toolbar changes.

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»