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Hatch patterns are stored in files with an extension of .pat. AutoCAD includes a large number of hatch patterns in acad.pat. You can add to or edit this file or create your own .pat file. As always, don’t forget to make a copy of acad.pat before you edit it. When creating your own .pat file, remember the following:

♦    If you are not adding patterns to acad.pat, you can only put one hatch pattern in a custom .pat file. The file name and pattern name must be the same.

♦    You can insert comments in your .pat file after a semicolon.

♦    You must press Enter after the end of the last line of the hatch definition.

Here is the syntax for hatch patterns:

*pattern-name[, description]

angle, x-origin,y-origin, delta-x,delta-y [, dashl, dash2, …]

Here are some general points for hatch pattern definitions:

♦    The pattern name cannot have spaces.

♦    The description is optional.

♦    Add the dash specifications only for noncontinuous lines.

♦    You can have more than one definition line (the second line in the preceding syntax), creating sets of hatch definitions that combine to create the hatch pattern.

♦    Each definition line can be no more than 80 characters.

♦    You can include a maximum of six dash specifications (which include spaces and dots).

♦    You can add spaces in the definition lines for readability.

Table 31-2 describes the features of a hatch pattern definition.

Table 31-2

Скачать в pdf «AutoCAD 2002 Bible»