Solid-State Laser Engieering

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Fifth Revised and Updated Edition


Walter Koechner

Solid-State Laser Engineering

Fifth Revised and Updated Edition

With 472 Figures and 55 Tables


Springer Series in Optical Sciences

Editorial Board: A. L. Schawlowt A. E. Siegman T. Tamir

21    Laser Spectroscopy IV

Editors: H. Walther and K. W. Rothe

22    Lasers in Photomedicine and Photobiology Editors: R. Pratesi and C. A. Sacchi

23    Vertebrate Photoreceptor Optics Editors: J. M. Enoch and F. L. Tobey, Jr.

24    Optical Fiber Systems and Their Components An Introduction By A. B. Sharma,

S. J. Halme, and M. M. Butusov

25    High Peak Power Nd: Glass Laser Systems By D. C. Brown

26    Lasers and Applications

Editors: W. O. N. Guimaraes, С. T. Lin, and A. Mooradian

27    Color Measurement Theme and Variations

By D. L. MacAdam 2nd Edition

28    Modular Opticsl Design

1    Solid-State Laser Engineering

By W. Koechner 5th Edition

2    Table of Laser Lines in Gases and Vapors

By R. Beck, W. Englisch, and K. Gurs 3rd Edition

3    Tunable Lasers and Applications

Editors: A. Mooradian, T. Jaeger, and P. Stokseth

4    Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy

By V. S. Letokhov and V. P. Chebotayev

5    Optics and Lasers Including Fibers and Optical Waveguides By M. Young 3rd Edition (available as a textbook)

6    Photoelectron Statistics

With Applications to Spectroscopy and Optical Communication By B. Saleh

Скачать в pdf «Solid-State Laser Engieering»