Java Cookbook

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Java Cookbook

Ian Darwin Publisher: O’Reilly

First Edition June 2001 ISBN: 0-59600-170-3, 882 pages

This book offers Java developers short, focused pieces of code that are easy to incorporate into other programs. The idea is to focus on things that are useful, tricky, or both. The book’s code segments cover all of the dominant APIs and should serve as a great «jumping-off place» for Java developers who want to get started in areas Copyright    outside their specialization.

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Java Cookbook


Who This Book Is For What’s in This Book?

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1.    Getting Started: Compiling, Running, and Debugging

1.1    Introduction

1.2    Compiling and Running Java: JDK

1.3    Editing and Compiling with a Color-Highlighting Editor

1.4    Compiling, Running, and Testing with an IDE

1.5    Using Classes from This Book

1.6    Automating Compilation with jr

1.7    Automating Compilation with make

1.8    Automating Compilation with Ant

1.9    Running Applets

1.10    Dealing with Deprecation Warnings

1.11    Conditional Debugging without #ifdef

1.12    Debugging Printouts

1.13    Using a Debugger

1.14    Unit Testing: Avoid the Need for Debuggers

1.15    Decompiling Java Class Files

1.16    Preventing Others from Decompiling Your Java Files

1.17    Getting Readable Tracebacks

1.18    Finding More Java Source Code

1.19    Program: Debug

2.    Interacting with the Environment

Скачать в pdf «Java Cookbook»