Content Delivery Networks

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Content Delivery Networks: Web Switching for Security, Availability, and Speed

About the Author

Scot Hull is a graduate of the University of Maryland where he went AWOL from the Ph.D. program in philosophy and artificial intelligence six years ago. Currently, he is working as a network architect with America Online, where is his job responsibilities include the design and implementation of a next-generation network infrastructure for all of AOL-Time Warner. With over six years of industry experience, he has managed to do just about everything, from help desk work that caused him to run screaming into the night, to professional consulting for Nortel Networks, where he first became irradiated by Content Networking. Way back when, for reasons still unknown to him, he was allowed to teach Windows OS seminars countrywide, and more surpassing still, managed to achieve critical acclaim doing so. Later certified as an MCT, he taught the entirety of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer track as well as a dozen elective courses for Orange Technologies. Certified by Cisco as both a CCNP and CCDP, he is currently leading a frontal assault on Mount CCIE, and plans to take down the Juniper JNCIE, cancer and world hunger immediately following. He still gives professional talks and seminars on a variety of networking topics, including the new field of Content Networking. You can find him at tradeshows, goofing off online (, or feverishly devising clever plot twists for his first novel.

Скачать в pdf «Content Delivery Networks»